Sunday, September 25, 2016

Wellington Day 1 Part 1

Its finally here. The time of our lives. Our wellington cultural excursion. we woke up at around 5 0clock in the morning to get ready for our journey to our capital city. we all arrived at the airport around  6:10 in the morning , then we got our boarding passes and put or luggage's in the conveyor belt. After we checked in we went upstairs to go through security , then we waited in the waiting lounge to wait for our plane to be ready.Then we went through gate 21 and went outside to board the plane a different way. we went through the back of the plane and looked for  our seating number and sit in our seats before take off.

It took 45 minutes for us to arrive in Wellington. We came to get our bags and then we lined up in our groups. Then we broke up into smaller groups to go in the shuttle. That took us to the YHA. That is where we will be staying. We took our bags up the stairs and put them in a storage cabinet. Then we walked all the way to the Pukeako National War Memorial.
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There was a tour guide who told and taught us about WW1. There were doorways leading us to different years of the war. There was one called "Muddy Progress". We learned a lot about the War. Then we went into a tower and learnt some important history. We then learned about "The tomb of the Unknown Warrior". Then everyone stood in two lines while Josh and Georgia held the wreath. Then we saluted them to remember their bravery. Then we had to walk back up the stairs to the museum and had morning tea and lunch.

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