Sunday, September 25, 2016

OLV Wellington - Day 4 part 2

Art Gallery

After our lunch break, we visited the City Gallery. We got an art tour where we learned how to draw with different types of techniques. We saw lots of cool sculptures there, which we drew. We were all fascinated by all the artist's imagination and creativity. We saw a variety of different sculptures; some made from old household items, others made from wax and rubber. Everyone enjoyed the tour and had lots of fun looking around the gallery and learning to draw with different techniques. 


Then we went to The Archives to see the Treaty of Waitangi. The room with the treaty was kept dark to prevent the Treaty of Waitangi from crumpling under the light. We all thought reading about the Treaty was interesting and we all had lots of fun learning about our country's indigenous culture and it's history.

Image result for the treaty of waitangi original

Lone Star
After our long exhausting day, it was finally time for dinner. We had dinner at the Lone Star. Before we left for Wellington we got to choose a meal from the menu. There were a lot of different varieties. we all got a drink of lemonade with our food, the food at the lone star was delicious and we had a lot of fun! 
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