Sunday, September 25, 2016

Wellington Trip Day 1. part 2

After eating are lunch group 1. went to film´ Across the Trenches 'at Capital E and group 2. went to the reserve bank to have a tour. Across the trenches is  about the life if you fought in W.W.. It will tell you about the diseases, Friendships ,Weapons ,Technology and many other things. it reminds us about the ones that served in the war. When the filming finished the groups did there rotation. when we went they gave us a quiz to do about  money all around the world. they even gave us a tour while group.2 went to do Across the Trenches. 
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After a long day walking around Wellington both groups were exhausted so they went to Joe's Garage to have dinner. Since it was Taylor's B-day Group 1. set up a surprise. After eating we went back to the YHA to get ready for bed. then it was lights out.  
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