Sunday, September 25, 2016

OLV Wellington Day 5/6 - The Adventure Continues.......Homeward bound

We were up bright an early today!  We needed to be packed up and out of Level 6 which we have occupied for the past 5 days and out of the YHA by 7.30am.  We have a breakfast date at the Boat Cafe at 7.45am.

Bags packed, (yes this was a mission) and brought to level 3 and 4 storage facilities for the day.
Beds stripped and washing put out.  A very large pile of sheets and pillow slips were put in the basket by the lift!!  Glad we weren't doing the washing today:)

Day packs where packed with lunch again and rain coats nearby if needed.

Our last official group photo in the dining room of the YHA before heading back outside to our regular Grp1 and Grp 2 lines.  We headed outside of the YHA with our trusted buddies. We are finally getting the knack of doing this and walking only taking up our side of the footpath!

We're off, out the main doors turn left to the crossing then around the footpath of New World to the Wharf footpath.  We headed off to the left towards Oriental Bay. 

Once we arrived at the cafe they seated us upstairs on the top deck.  Very nice view of the harbour and a private room.  The staff where so nice to us and our breakfast came out almost as soon as we arrived. Thanks to The Boat Cafe for hosting us.


A scrumptious brekkie in our bellies, it's time to head off on our familiar trek along the waterfront to Capital e.  This pilgrimage has been a daily event for the past 4 days.
We drop off Group 1 for their final filming at Capital e.  Tonight Line.
Our Lady of Victories presents: "TONIGHTLINE", in which a woman who cannot stop laughing, which is ruining her life; we chat with a man hoping to ditch modern life to go and live in a cave; and meet a verrrrrry strange Pastafarian... All this, plus a look at the weather and an update from down on the farm... Recorded live in the Capital E OnTV Studio, Wellington, 22 September 2016 by Group one and Group 2 Global Learners from Our Lady of Victories School.

Group 1 - First session at Capital 2.

Group 2 - Second session at Capital e.

Group 2 - First session at The Space Place.  

Group 2 carried on from Capital e to Lampton Quay where they headed to Cable Car Lane for their ride up the Kelburn Track.

At the top of the Cable Car Station we headed through the Botanical Gardens to the Space Place.  Carters Observatory is a great place to be when you are the only people there!  OLV only today, not open to the public.  Very cool!

                            Wellington Cable Car             Carters Observatory - The Space Place

The photo to the right is both Group 1 and Group 2 at the top of the Cable Car.

Troy the educator started the session by giving us a guided tour of the exhibition space.  This was very interesting.  We moved into groups and played a game gathering star stamps.  The group with most stamps was able to choose the best seats in the Planetarium show which we saw after our tour.

We also saw a really cool video about our Galaxy then headed into the Planetarium for the Show and view of the Wellington night sky.  Troy was a great tour guide.

After 2hours at The Space Place, Group 2 boarded the Cable Car and headed back down the Kelburn Track to Lampton Quay for our quick walk back to Capital e for a switch around.  Group 2 for filming Tonightline and Group 1 heading back to the Cable Car for their turn up at Space Place.

After a great afternoon group 1 and group 2 both headed back to The YHA to move our bags out of storage to load the Mini Vans .... next destination ... The Wellington Zoo.

We loaded the vans (4 and a taxi) to head to the zoo.  On arrival at The Zoo  we unloaded our bags at our home for the night.  The Archibald centre.  A hall type facility which we would make our home for the night. Monkeys just next door.
Unloaded and ready to explore.  We headed down the short walk to the entrance... good idea for an ice cream before we start our exploration.  The zoo is open for another hour before it closes its doors to the public. 

Meet Sarah our Ranger for the night.

Yes it looks like the wall is bending... but it is not.  This is a panarama photo taken just before lights out.  The lions were awake at 1.30am and had a good chat around 3.30am!!  It was a long night for some!!

We were awake at approx 5.30am with the first movers.

We were up and had brekkie in bed at around 6.45am.  We were then packed up and ready to go by 7.30am.  Sarah our Ranger was back at 7.45am for our Before the Zoo opens tour.  

We were lucky enough to be the only people at the Zoo at this time.  

At 9.30am the Vans + Taxi were back to pick us up for our next stop. Wellington Airport.  

Homeward Bound:)  Across the tarmack ready to board our flight home.  What a great trip!

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