Sunday, September 25, 2016

Wellington Here We Come - Final Preparation

wellington here we come - preparing for wellington!

 First we had to fundraise money to go to wellington. we started to sell smencils and every class could help. this got us over $100. 

We also sold hellers bacon which got us over $200.every 

Together with selling bacon and smencils we sold sausage sizzle.we did it every Saturday at repco and bunnings 10am - 2pm.  

We organised 2 bake sales both after church on sunday.Each person had to bring something like cake or cookies.we got over $100.

Next we sold boxes of cadbury chocolates.we sold milk chocolate,caramello and marvellous creations jelly popping candy beanies and we got over $200 from that.

We also had done something fun that everyone one could help us with, which was a quiz night at the rock in Rolleston. 

our parents also did a stocktake.only parents and adults could do it .it also wasn't compulsory.  

Last of all we made sponsorship letters to see if anyone would sponsor us to go to Wellington and we were lucky enough to get some sponsors. we got $100 for each sponsor. 

At school we got a notice about what we needed to bring to wellington because we were staying in wellington for 5 days we needed to pack quite a lot.but for most of the time that we were in wellington we wore our school uniforms.

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