Monday, October 6, 2014

OLV News - Capital e

Welcome to OLV News where your hosts Paris & Jenna round up news weird and wacky from across the globe!

Mr Swaggy Banana meets upsidedown house creator Emma, Tom (who is the best) chats to scientist Shirley about the invisibility cloak she's developed, and Nikita unravels the secrets of yarn bombing with the infamous leader of the Midnight Knittaz 'Triple-G'

Next find out if you'll shine or shiver tomorrow as Alex & Rosie bring the latest weather forecast, then spend 2 Minutes with Callum Bowlcut and special guest George Higginbottom, the world's very first champion liar!

Also, listen tightly throughout as OLV soundtrack the show with their very own music produced on Monday night in MediaLab here at Capital E!

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