Sunday, September 25, 2016

Wellington Day 3 Part 1

On Wednesday morning we had more time than usual to get ready, then the typical routine followed, breakfast and packing our bags. 

Firstly, we walked over to Te Papa and started our first tour. Group 2 started with the Powhiri tour and Group 1 participated in the Gallipoli tour. After morning tea, we swapped and continued our fabulous day.

After we had experienced both tours, we walked to the Museum of Wellington Sky and Sea. 

Wellington Day 3 Part 2

Wellington day 3 part 2

Image result for wellington museum insideMuseum of Wellington
After a dazzling lunch we walked to the Museum of Wellington for our Wahine experience programme. The Museum of Wellington was different from the other museums because we learnt about the history of Wellington, but at the other museums we learnt about the history of New Zealand. We learnt a lot through interactive displays especially about the Wahine because the sinking of the ferry was such an important moment in New Zealand history.

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We walked to Capital E and had a super delicious dinner which was Subway. It consisted of a 6 inch sub and a mouth watering, tongue tingling chocolate chip cookie what more could we have asked for .

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We then just so happened to swap activities with group 1. From 6:30-8:30 we ineffable primary school students miraculously transformed into ferocious reporters, valiant behind the scenes technicians, and fierce interview people.  We practiced and improvised our lines and used what we learnt at the Wellington Museum, and produced a fabulous video.

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Then it was time for a nice tall glass of milo and maybe a few biscuits and bed.

Day 4 Part 1

On the 23rd of September 2016 group 2 went to the Wellington City gallery to look an exhibit called Sister Corita's Summer Of Love. This exhibit features the bright artworks of Sister Corita Kent who in her spare time made beautifully made neon signs and pictures and they were used as peace signs

after group two had finished their Sister Corita's Summer Of Love tour they went on and did another tour called draw and tour where we went around an exhibit and were taught 

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